What We Do & Why We're Different

Teknavo designs, builds and manages front office technology applications for the financial services sector. We focus on two important areas:

  • We are able to provide higher quality and more flexible consultancy services at a lower all-in cost than the tradition market leaders. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of the industry and its technical challenges and have access to the best practitioners both on- and offshore.
  • Our flexible workforce model enables us to scale up or down in line with your requirements. From the ground up, we build custom-made onshore/offshore organizations with a flexible workforce model that augments the existing in-house technology capability, operating in sync with, rather than at odds with, your current operations.

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What's New

Teknavo and the Bloomberg Application Portal

Teknavo is deploying unique financial products to the community of traders, portfolio managers, risk managers and other investment professionals. The essence of these products is that the fundamental mathematical and statistical algorithms are implemented relying on exact analytical functions rather than approximations or numerical methods. Click here to know more.