Adaptive Resourcing

Over 60% of technology executives say they can’t find enough of the right people. Teknavo solves that problem for you – permanently – by manufacturing the talent you need. We call it Adaptive Resourcing.

Adaptive Resourcing minimizes the time you spend finding and training developers. Using it, we can quickly improve your resources in a single area, or we can address issues across your whole organisation. We create on-site teams, satellite development teams, team extensions and support teams based in any of our offices.

    • Assess – we partner with you to assess your specific talent needs. We review your culture, technologies, platforms and domains, to identify why you have a resource shortage.
    • Design – we design bespoke recruiting, on-boarding, testing, and training programs, to deliver the specific technological expertise you need.

    • Execute – we tap into our raw talent pool drawn from America, the UK and Eastern Europe. We screen the most promising candidates and certify them. Then we handle all the resource assignment, training, and on-boarding for each project. We take care of the project management to ensure a smooth transition into a sustainable set up.