Our Pioneer team can tailor Bloomberg to your requirements.

The team consists of experts who have many years of experience working with the Bloomberg API.

Our Pioneer team focuses on 2 core areas:

  • Integrating your applications with Bloomberg API and Bloomberg Publishing Platform – we consolidate your spreadsheets, desktop tools and applications with your Bloomberg setup. This helps you to run your system how you want to, and to publish your trades seamlessly.
  • Developing apps for the Bloomberg APP Portal – If you have an idea for an app you want to build, but you’re not sure how to build it, then we can help.
  • Cost-effective extension of client tools channel
  • Bloomberg AppPortal specifics consultation
  • Desktop efficiency; Consolidate spreadsheets, desktop tools and applications with Bloomberg terminal
  • Implementation and testing of customised analytics, models and strategies
  • Trade Idea Channel
  • Bloomberg AppPortal development and applications deployment
  • Market company services of performances
  • Integration of your application with Bloomberg API and Platform
  • All necessary pre- and post-development training