Technology is here to serve your business. We are here to make sure it does. We begin by assessing the critical issues that affect the technology and the business goals. Then we measure, measure, measure.

We have an extensive and deep network of investors, C-level partners and entrepreneurs. With them, we carry out market research, competitor analysis, historical comparisons, revenue projections, profitability projections and talent sourcing.

We have worked with several prestigious global clients who value their privacy.


Teknavo creates permanent growth. We do this by developing the right software and the right people.

We design detailed human resourcing, recruitment and training plans, as well as micro-organizational and operational plans.

We write full financials for all of these components.

We define quantifiable measures to monitor the effectiveness of these plans.

We mentor the leadership team as they execute and refine these plans.


Our own in-house software engineers can be used to augment your own team to strengthen an existing product, or to build a new product.

We also identify opportunities for new products and services within your company and in the marketplace.